General conditions of sale and use

The Provider (hereinafter referred to as "the Provider") is published and made available to the public by Rubrica Trading LTD. 2373 Tassou Papadopoulou 6 Flat/Office 22 Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus.

You are kindly requested to read carefully the present general conditions of sale and use (CGUV) presented below before using this Service Provider. These are intended to precisely frame the conditions of use of all services offered by the site and the relationship between the Provider and his client (hereinafter referred to as "the Customer") . Using this site implies that you have read, read and understood the content of the terms and conditions of use of the site The acceptance, without restriction, of these conditions is materialized by ticking the box designating the phrase: "I certify to be of age and to have read and accepted the CGUV" or any other equivalent in order to validate the inscription to this site located in the registration form on the registration page of the site. Therefore, the Customer acknowledges having read these general conditions of use and admits having printed them on a durable medium at his disposal.

Terms and conditions
The conditions of purchase of services concluded with the site are subject to the commercial policies established below. reserves the right to modify its policies, prices or the availability of its services at any time and without notice. Any purchase of services on the site is framed, interpreted and regulated by the European laws in force.

Limitation of liability can in no way be held responsible for any damage caused by a service or a gap (delay, defect, interruption, etc.) in the performance of a service. Any loss, whether financial, material, informative or of any other nature; any damage, whether caused by accident or consequential to defects of any kind, shall not be subject to legal action. disclaims any responsibility for any claims.

Furthermore, can not be held responsible for any liability whatsoever in any wrongdoing committed by a Customer of its site.

Authorization of use
The Customer agrees to use this site only under lawful conditions. Any sending or receiving from this site must be in agreement with the specific services offered by the site or through the site. assigns to the Site Client a non-transferable, revocable, limited, nontransferable, non-exclusive right concerning any document intended for personal use. Any use exceeding the limits of this right granted may be pursued by the Service Provider.

Limitation of use
The Client undertakes not to commit the acts defined as follows:
- any modification or attempted modification of the content belonging to this site (texts, articles, images, videos, logos, graphics, communications, etc.); any reproduction, display or public distribution of all or part of this site; any sale of all or part of this site, any transfer of content or data belonging to this site, any use of the content of this site on another website, without the written permission of
- any use of all or part of this site resulting in deterioration, overload, deactivation, modification; or resulting in abuse related to the server, network, system resources, or affiliated sites; or causing the spread of computer viruses, Trojan horses, spam, spyware or other unwanted material contaminating the computer systems connected to this site; or causing damage of any kind to the infrastructure of this site or any related program; or allowing any transfer of content from all or part of this site; any use of this site as a promotional vehicle for chain letters, undesirable advertisements or any other form of unsolicited mailing
- any use of information concerning a third party (e-mail address, identity, password, number or account name, etc.); any use of a false identity; any illegal access to this site through a fraudulent process; any use of an e-mail address that is not specifically that of the Customer; any false information declared to the technical support of this site or to
- any display or advertising or commercial solicitation; any request for recruitment or membership for any association or club; any display of illegal content; any dissemination of racist, homophobic, defamatory, hateful, obscene, threatening, sexist or incitement to crime or any illegal act (rape, pedophilia, bestiality, theft, murder, fraud, etc.)
- any infringement of intellectual property rights, copyright, copyright, trademark; violation of privacy. The Customer is liable for any infringement committed in his name when using this site and agrees to answer to the competent authorities of his involvement in these illegal activities. reserves the right to disclose any information concerning an offending Customer at the request of the competent authorities.

Membership and subscription
Access to the site is a paid access, in the form of subscription. The rate and duration of a subscription may vary based on various promotional offers. When the Customer signs up to the site, that he completes his membership form, it is imperative for him to understand that he accepts the terms of use of the site according to the terms described in these pages. The Customer must be 18 years old and he must be recognized as legally capable of contracting a subscription on the site The Client must not be under guardianship or limited by a special status (curatorship) in order to be able to fully decide on this membership and be fully aware of the terms and conditions that apply to such a contract.

The Customer acknowledges having read and accepted the conditions as described in the GTOS, the privacy policy and the use of cookies. He must also have duly completed his membership form without omitting any of the fields therein.

Personal data and password
The Customer assumes full responsibility for the information he provides on this site. In any case, it must not communicate this information to third parties. He is obliged to prevent the technical support of the site as soon as he becomes aware of a fraudulent use of his personal data.

The Customer is also responsible for the confidentiality of his access identifiers and he is obliged to prevent immediately in the case of use of these identifiers without his authorization.

Pricing, packages and renewal
The price paid by the Customer for access to the site for a fixed-term or indefinite period will be that indicated by the Service Provider according to the prices determined for the access formulas offered on the site's payment page. The quoted price means a price in EUROS and all taxes included. It is clearly indicated on the payment page, as well as in the confirmation of the purchase. The price may vary depending on the current promotional offer, duration and price. Some packages are non-renewable and are offered at a single price. Other packages may offer a trial, either free or at a minimal cost, followed by a fixed-price renewable renewal at a fixed date.

The Customer will pay the price indicated by means of a payment card whose model will correspond to one of those quoted: CB // VISA // MASTERCARD.

If the Customer opts for a renewable plan, he must make sure to track this subscription so that it is not renewed beyond the period he deems appropriate to his needs. A subscription can be terminated at any time, without any justification, at the request of the Customer. The renewal is then canceled but the subscription is valid until the end of the package for which payment has been made. It is enough for the Customer to do it according to the different options available to him:

1) via the customer-support of the site on the contact page:
2) via the payment platform in question in the most recent renewal using the credit card number used to make this purchase or login credentials of the User
3) by mail to: Rubrica Trading LTD. 2373 Tassou Papadopoulou 6 Flat/Office 22 Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus

Right to retract
According to article L.221-18 of the Consumer Code, every customer has a right of withdrawal of 14 days following the date on which he subscribed and paid his access to the site. The Customer must send us his request within this period of 14 days for this request to be valid. No justification is necessary to make use of the right of withdrawal.

According to Article L.221-25, the Customer does not have to wait until the end of the withdrawal period to consult or make use of the services offered by the site. In this case, if the Customer makes use of the paid service during the period of the first 14 days of the subscription and that he asserts his right of retraction then, the Service Provider may ask him for a financial compensation corresponding to his consultations, in proportion to the use he has made of these services on the site.

Refund policy
Any Customer may cancel their package within 14 days of the subscription date without cause. The Customer must make sure to include the following information in his email because will not accept the requests for reimbursement without them:

- last name, first name and e-mail address
- the reason for the refund request if the Customer wishes to make it known to us
- to inform of the state of the service in the event that it is defective.

In the event that the Client has already started to oppose the payment (s) with his financial institution, there will be no refund from the Service Provider.

In the event that the Customer has already started a procedure to oppose the credit card, but without any objection to the payment (s), or in the case where the bank card used to make the initial transaction would have expired, the Customer must provide the information below so that the Service Provider can proceed with the refund by bank transfer:

- the full name (surname and first name) of the credit card holder
- the telephone number and full postal address of the credit card holder
- the IBAN code and the BIC code of the credit card holder
- the name and full postal address of the bank of the credit card holder.

Beyond the 14 days in which the right of withdrawal falls, no refund will be made without a valid reason. By valid reason, we mean:

- malfunction of an application or site service - fraudulent use of the Client's card by a third party - use of the Client's card by a minor - interruption of the site.

The subscription can be stopped at any time. To cancel the subscription, the Customer can use one of the following options:

- via the customer-support of the site on the contact page:
- via the payment platform in question in the most recent renewal using the credit card number used to
make this purchase or the Customer login credentials
- by post to: Rubrica Trading LTD. 2373 Tassou Papadopoulou 6 Flat/Office 22 Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus

The Customer must take into consideration that the mere fact of leaving the site or closing the page is not sufficient to stop a subscription. Subscription management can also be done in a few clicks through the platform:

Deleting an account and deleting data
At any time, the Customer may decide to delete his account. In these conditions, the Customer accepts that his subscription is interrupted on the date and at the time when his request is taken into account. If the Customer wishes to complete his subscription, his data and account will be deleted only when the package ends.

The deletion of a Customer's account could also occur without notice in the event that a Customer is liable for an illegal act or unacceptable behavior against the site Under these conditions, there would be no refund possible and the data of the account of the Customer as well as his personal data could be transmitted to the competent authorities for investigation. The Customer will be informed of these provisions by email.

Intellectual property rights
This site is protected by international copyright and intellectual property laws. Any reproduction, in whole or in part, of any element of content on this site may constitute an infringement of the laws on trademarks and / or intellectual property rights and / or copyrights. The Customer undertakes to respect these laws and waives any possibility of unauthorized reproduction by of the content of this site. Any file, image, code and data accessible or visible via this site is the exclusive property of

It should be noted that certain concepts, graphics, icons, logos, words, titles, are trade names, trademarks, presentations and services associated with that are protected, as well as any other trade names , trademarks, presentations and related services owned by other specific owners, and their presence on this site does not constitute the transmission or creation of any license or other rights related to such marks. Any use of any of these elements, in whole or in part, without the written permission of or the rightful owner is likely to lead to prosecution.

Modification or cancellation of services reserves the right to modify, cancel or replace its services, features or applications at any time and without notice in order to improve the quality of its offers. The Customer will be able to note the nature of these transformations by notices posted directly on the pages of the services concerned. could also modify without notice its conditions of use. The changes will then be displayed separately in the revised TAMs. Any Customer who has subscribed to the site before a modification of the CGUV will be subject to the conditions in effect at the time of his initial registration, regardless of the duration of his package and regardless of the number of renewals to which he adheres.

Privacy Policy and Cookies

The confidentiality of your personal data
Welcome to the website. We are pleased that you have chosen to use our services and we thank you for it. Because we care about you and want to keep you with us as long as possible, we want you to understand how our site works. To this end, we have developed this document which explains, in a simple way, certain commitments we make to your personal data so that they are kept in a secure and confidential manner.

Our society
Rubrica Trading LTD. 2373 Tassou Papadopoulou 6 Flat/Office 22 Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus, enterprise number sc287283, site manager is committed to protecting the personal data of its Clients according to the new General Regulations on data protection, entered into force on 25 May 2018.

The confidentiality of the personal data of each Customer of our site is crucial for us. As a result, we have taken extremely stringent measures to maintain the confidentiality of this data.

The trust that Clients put in us, regarding this highly sensitive information, is a priority in our relationship with them. The fact that Customers can entrust us with peace of mind and that we know, from our side, to guarantee them maximum protection is our assurance of the loyalty to the various services that we offer through this site.

Processing of personal data
We treat the personal data of the Clients according to the standards in force, with loyalty and transparency. When the data are collected by our different registration systems, it is because specific purposes require it. We only request data that is necessary for the proper functioning of the services required by a Customer. In the context of data minimization, we oversee the request for information so that a minimum of information is required for the Customer to have access to the greatest number of features of the site.

In order to cover as many elements as possible to use personal data, we have trained technicians dedicated to the protection of this data. These specialists have, in turn, developed a sophisticated encryption system so that the information that is stored through our databases is only accessible for activations, authorizations, account openings, payments or any other action justifying their use. It is these actions that constitute the purposes for which the data are encoded.

Our technical team also ensures the accuracy and updating of this data so that it remains relevant for the use made of it on our site. The data recorded on the website through registration or membership must be granted by the Customer. In other words, the latter voluntarily informs the elements of his private life that he deems it appropriate to provide as part of the service he wishes to use. If some of the information requested seems out of place or too personal, he has the option to refrain from providing it. This forbearance may block access to certain parts or applications of the site, the Customer then waives the use of these parts or applications in accordance with his right to refuse to give information that he deems irrelevant.

Beyond the active subscription or registration period on our site, the Customer's personal data will be deleted after a limited period of time, or immediately at the request of the latter. These technical protection measures for privacy are anchored in all the services and applications of our site.

The type of information requested
Obviously, to access the features of our site, some information is needed. When registering, the Customer must enter the data that seem relevant to him as part of the use of the site. The Customer will provide a valid e-mail address, his age as well as the relevant banking information for the purchase of his access right.

Payment information
Any subscription is paying. Depending on different options, promotions or temporary offers, rates are subject to change. When the Customer contracts according to the package of his choice, he must provide his bank details (card number, expiry date, cryptogram) and a valid e-mail address.

This same bank information may be requested as part of a refund. If the refund can not be made directly on a credit card due to opposition or invalidity of the card, additional information will be required to make a refund by bank transfer. The requested items are usually those listed on the RIB (name, postal address and phone number of the cardholder, name, postal address of the bank, BIC code and IBAN code).

The IP address of the Customer is also identified during this type of operation for security purposes, and to prevent fraudulent use of bank cards. This IP address allows the competent authorities to determine the place of origin of a bank transaction by tracing the mailing address attached to it.

All communications with our customer support or customer support related to billing a subscription are logged so that we can access the exchange history. In order to offer a better service, a better response time and an adequate response to different requests, our customer service team has access to these different data.

Information from partner sites
A Customer may visit several sites on the net and / or sign up for more than one site to take advantage of different promotions. In this specific context, the data that the Customer has entered on the partner site could be relayed on our site.

If Customer clicks on our site ads from a partner site, the partner site may provide us with this information so that we can compile these results and evaluate the success of our advertising campaigns.

Usage data
In addition to the personal data, or partially personal, which are collected during the actions mentioned above, our analysis devices retrieve information about the different movements observed on the site, according to precise parameters. This information can range from the number of applications or features used by the same person, to the time slots of his associates, through the recurrence of his research, the pages that she visits the most, the videos she looks at. more often, advertisements that attract him more, etc. These data are then analyzed to make improvements to our various services.

Device data
device. The IP address of the internet connection is automatically identified when the Customer enters the site.

Objectives of the storage of personal data
There are several reasons for the storage of personal data on the Internet but in most cases, e-merchants record this information solely for the purpose of improving services. Here are the main reasons that motivate this storage and the use that we make of the personal data of our Customers:

1) Customer protection against unwanted advertising 2) Creation of the autonomy of the Customer in the management of his account 3) simplification of access to payment 4) Optimization of the service between the Customer and the technical support 5) creation of consistency links between the different devices used by a Client for the same site 6) Improvement of content according to the individual preferences of each Client 7) management of various promotional offers 8) Accessibility of commercial offers by e-mail, telephone or social networks with the Customer of the site 9) development of applications and functionalities according to the actions of each Client 10) opening of search fields corresponding to the new trends related to the behavior of the Clients via the site.

Use of personal data for protection purposes
In order to optimize personal data protection measures, we also use them in the following circumstances:

1) detect any fraudulent attempts through our site 2) develop mechanisms to counter any illegal activity on or through the site 3) provide the competent authorities with facts or evidence that can be used for an investigation 4) keep the data to identify the Clients to risk in order to permanently block them on the site 5) to be in conformity with the laws that govern our country of activity 6) to enforce the framework of our conditions of sale 7) to respect the commitments on both sides, between the Clients and our administration, on legal grounds. To provide and maintain the essential services for communication between the Customer and the support team, certain personal data may be used.

When the Customer registers to our site, he consents to the use of his personal data. However, at any time, the Customer may terminate this consent. All you have to do is make a written request and send it to us at: Rubrica Trading LTD. 2373 Tassou Papadopoulou 6 Flat/Office 22 Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus

Sharing data with third parties
The sharing of personal data is only possible in specific situations or contexts to activate features and services offered by our site. The third parties in question are, essentially, the members of the customer support team, the partners directly linked to our services, the external service providers who manage or maintain one of our services, the payment platforms linked to our site, the banking authorities who intervene in the payments for the site as well as the judicial authorities, at their request and within the framework of a specific investigation. Here is the detail of these possible shares.

Our customer support team is made up of professionals who follow up with adult clients. Their discretion with regard to the information processed is a fundamental element of their work. However, despite the great rectitude of the members of our team, we can not guarantee absolute security. It is therefore appropriate for each Customer to transmit only data that is without impact on his private life and that could not, in any case, damage his reputation.

Some personal data will also be shared with service providers involved in the maintenance or management of certain features and applications. In addition to customer support teams, dedicated to customer support, technical support teams will also have access to certain information that will enable them to process requests and provide relevant assistance to customers.

Other data related to the Customer's advertising preferences may be transmitted to our advertising partners. This data, often encrypted, always limited, are only intended to allow the dissemination of advertising to the Client. It is a road marked in a way, a passage open sporadically and limited, so that the information flows from the advertising partner to the Client, under high security conditions. Each of these providers or partners abide by strict rules and agree to abide by our privacy policy. Any partner or provider who contravenes these rules would be subject to a breach of contract with immediate effect.

Moreover, in the context of banking operations that allow the Customer to pay for flat-rate obligations related to the site, only the certified banking authorities are called upon to intervene in these transactions. For this purpose, the data required is limited to the information related to the means of payment, namely the bank card:

- the name and surname of the credit card holder
- the e-mail address of the credit card holder
- credit card number
- the expiry date of the credit card
- the cryptogram on the back of the bank card.

No further information is required in the processing of banking transactions. The credit card number never appears on any readable document, it is encrypted to prevent any possibility of fraud.

However, there is another case in which the data of the Customer could be relayed to a third party. In the case of a business sale or the addition of an owner to the original holding company, all personal data stored at the time of the business transaction would be forwarded to the new owner and / or additional owner .

Personal data, depending on the Client's host country, may be consulted by a member of the community outside Europe. If these data are accessed by a Customer in North America, for example, they are subject to other jurisdictions. However, privacy policies remain protected by standard contractual clauses that constitute secure undertakings between companies worldwide. The personal data of the Customer therefore remain covered by the insurance of these commercial commitments in terms of confidentiality.

Finally, if the competent authorities so request, either for a criminal investigation, or at the request of a court, or in any other legal framework, personal data under a warrant or a requisition would be immediately communicated to the court that claims them.

Data sharing inherent to user devices
The data inherent to the devices of a Customer can not be considered as completely personal insofar as they do not concern the exclusive person of said Customer. The IP address of the device, for example, the language of use of its operating systems or browser, are all information that affect the level of privacy of the Customer. This is why it is this data that is precisely shared, in an encrypted mode, thus illegible to the naked eye, with advertisers or marketing researchers for various analyzes and compilations. It is thanks to these splits that targeted advertisements outclass unwanted advertisements, so as to reduce advertising pollution on the pages frequented by the Customer.

Customer Consent / Request for Data Deletion
By subscribing to a site for which a certain amount of personal data is essential for the proper functioning of the services requested by the Customer, the latter agrees that his / her personal data will be used in the context of these activities. However, the Customer has the right to refuse to share certain data. He then accepts that this "non-consent" sharing closes him access to certain services or applications. For example, a Customer who refuses to transmit a valid e-mail address or who gives an incorrect e-mail address will not be able to receive his login details or the information needed to follow his subscription. It is therefore important for the Client to understand the issues involved in this type of "non-consent".

The information provided by the Customer remains under the control of their owner. With regard to payment, billing or contact data, they can be modified or updated at any time via the customer management support. It is then sufficient for the Customer to contact us at:

For any request for deletion of personal data related to an account or profile on our site, the Customer can make the official request through the customer service by communicating the request to our team:
https: //

The Customer may also make a request by mail to: Rubrica Trading LTD. 2373 Tassou Papadopoulou 6 Flat/Office 22 Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus

Some requests for deletion of data may however be refused or postponed. For example, in the case where a Client requests a profile deletion while his package is still in progress. Legally, we are obliged to provide him with the service for the entire duration of the package for which he has paid. Under these conditions, his removal request is taken into account but the complete elimination of his account will be postponed at the end of his package unless the Customer agrees that his subscription is interrupted before its term and that it makes us the request official by mail to: Rubrica Trading LTD. 2373 Tassou Papadopoulou 6 Flat/Office 22 Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus. The request will be formally signed.

A request for deletion of data may also be refused in cases where the Customer has shown either inappropriate behavior (damage to a service or part of the site) or criminal behavior (theft of content, fraud, etc.). The personal data are then kept in archives in the event of legal proceedings.

The Customer may at any time consult his personal file and / or request a copy from the Customer Support: The customer can also apply by mail to: Rubrica Trading LTD. 2373 Tassou Papadopoulou 6 Flat/Office 22 Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus In all cases mentioned above, proof of identity may be required in order to control the true identity of the applicant and thus avoid potential identity theft. As a security measure, the most common forms of identification to be presented will be the passport or identity card.

Always for the sake of security, and to protect our Customers, if our team is in doubt about the authenticity of a part or request, we may refuse to transmit a Customer's data. In addition, if the request for consultation exceeds the personal rights of the Customer, jeopardizes our intellectual property rights or is part of an illegal process, the request will be refused.

Throughout the European Union as well as in most countries, a Customer may apply through a supervisory authority office if they feel that our handling of personal data seems inadequate. The supervisory authority offices exist in the majority of countries and it is sufficient to do a search through the net to find the one closest to the location in which the Client is located.

Limitation of the protection guarantee
Despite our advanced technologies and our high-level encryption systems, no protection put in place to secure personal data, however, can guarantee absolute confidentiality against large-scale piracy by international criminal organizations. Technical teams as well as anomaly detectors monitor day and night to minimize a possible vulnerability of our security system. We are regularly improving this system by increasing shields and other shielding but it remains impossible to reach zero risk.

Therefore, if for any reason you suspect that your personal data could be subject to an indiscretion or computer attack, please report it as soon as possible, either by mail or through our website. customer service.

Shelf life of personal data
The personal data of the Customers are theoretically kept during the period of activity of the latter. However, as Clients come and go sporadically or punctually on the site, our records generally hold the data for a period of 24 to 48 months, following the last date of activity of a Customer. These data, that we could, according to the commercial laws in force, to leave dormant in archives of conservation invisible on our site, take an anonymous character. Nobody can consult them because they are officially non-existent.

It should be noted, however, that if a Client requests the deletion of his data immediately after the end of his fixed period, his data will be deleted at his official request except in the following exceptional cases:

- the Client has been blacklisted from the site for abusive or criminal behavior
- to prove the consent of a Customer to the conditions of use of the site
- to prove the consumption on the site by a Customer
- to provide relevant information in litigation or ongoing investigation
- to provide investigation information when a Customer complaint has been made against a member of our support team
- to prevent fraud or recurrence of fraud if a Customer is suspected of using false
- to improve our security systems by analyzing the modus operandi of an offending Customer.

This privacy policy, for reasons of security or to increase its effectiveness, may be modified from time to time. We will post these changes clearly so that they are easily visible. It is therefore necessary to check them from time to time to become aware of these possible corrections.

Policy regarding the use of cookies In order to serve our Customers as transparently as possible, the management of our site has developed a simplified explanation of the use of cookies and other tracking systems. We have popularized the sharp technical terms as well as the exhaustive explanations of some complex technologies to allow neophytes and the uninitiated to understand more easily the use of these devices of recording of data. Here is what is commonly called cookies that the Customer is regularly confronted when browsing the net.

Cookies, what is it exactly?
When using our site, different types of cookies are deposited on the computer or other devices by our site or third parties in order to measure and analyze the audiences that frequent the site. In order to better understand what a cookie is, we will try to popularize a maximum to allow the Clients to clearly visualize the functions of the cookie.

The cookie is a kind of virtual case (a text file in fact) in which is stored a certain amount of information concerning the computer, the tablet, the smartphone, etc. The cookie usually contains its own identification (the domain name to which it belongs, its expiry date, and an identifier). Once in contact with the Customer's device, it can store the IP address of the Internet connection, the usage settings, the browsing route, or the history of the sites that obtain the Customer's preferences. It also records the time of passage on our site, the number of weekly visits to our site and the various movements that the Customer performs there.

Why use cookies?
For different reasons, cookies are extremely powerful measurement and analysis tools. That's why we use them to better understand the consumption habits of our customers.

We also use cookies to secure the use of our services. Thanks to cookies, the Customer can access the chat rooms and various applications and features of the site without risk of hacking or duplication.

The different types of cookies and / or tracking systems

Cookies deposited by our site
These cookies are useful for the functioning of our website. In the absence of some of these cookies, the Customer could not correctly use all of our features. These cookies also enable us to make our applications or features compatible with the Client's device, particularly with regard to the linguistic distinctions specific to its browser or operating system.

Cookies filed by third parties
These cookies are set up by a different domain of our website. We do not manage this type of cookie, which is subject to the privacy and cookie policies of those third parties acting on their own behalf. The personal information contained in these cookies is only accessible by these third parties. On this occasion, we do not communicate any personal data.

Authentication cookies
Authentication cookies allow Clients to automatically reconnect. Without this cookie, the Customer should re-enter his credentials to log in again each time after logging off the site. Thanks to these specific cookies that recognize him as an Authorized Client, he does not have to enter his contact details or identifiers for each new visit. For the security of the personal data of our Customers, no password or personal identifier is visible in this cookie.

Analysis cookies
These are often session cookies whose purpose is to retrieve data during a usage session. For example, the Customer connects to the site from 13h to 15h, a Monday, such month. This cookie has a lifetime from the beginning of its connection until it ends its session. The cookie then retrieves data such as the duration of his connection to the site, the number of pages or articles he has consulted, the number of his exchanges on a platform for communication with the coaches, etc. With these clarifications, we can then further facilitate its navigation by highlighting the applications, pages or articles that constitute his preferences.

Cookies of visits
Visit statistics cookies count the number of pages displayed by our Clients during their browsing on our site. Thanks to these cookies, we can measure the effectiveness of our pages or articles and eliminate items that are not frequented and replace them with more relevant items. Thus, we are constantly improving the adventure of the Clients on our site and we always offer them new options.

Audience measurement cookies
The audience measurement cookies used on our site are deposited by our Google Analytics partner. They allow us to analyze the traffic and the performance of our site. They are used to count the attendance rate according to given periods over time periods of limited duration.

Other tracing devices?
In addition to cookies, our technical platform still uses other data storage systems to optimize our service offerings on this site. One can also make use of tracking URLs, which consists of random links marking the source of the traffic on the site.

User options for cookies?
Several possibilities are offered to manage cookies. Any adjustments made by the Customer will, however, be likely to hinder the quality of service that he wishes to benefit from when consulting our site. He may even be unable to use the site once his settings have changed. However, it is acquired, as a right of any Customer, that he can make the choice, at any time, to modify his preferences in terms of cookies, by the means described below.

The choices offered by the navigation software:
Acceptance of cookies: if the Customer has accepted the registration of cookies on his browser software, cookies embedded in the pages and contents he has consulted may be stored temporarily in a dedicated area of ​​his computer. They will be read only by their issuer.

Refusal of cookies: if the Customer refuses the recording of cookies on his device, or if he deletes them, he will not be able to benefit from certain functionalities necessary for the navigation on our site. If necessary, we disclaim any liability for the consequences of the poor functioning of our services resulting from the impossibility to consult the cookies necessary for this functioning, and that the Customer would have refused or deleted.